How does the tile home decoration color match the most brigh

In home decoration, tile matching is very important.
Today we will see how to use bright colors to create a beautiful home collision.

- Blue System-

  • The first impression of blue is the cool and tranquil feeling.
    In the busy city life, proper blue matching can make home space a good relaxation place.
    Especially in summer, the blue tile decoration will make you feel the temperature drop.

- Orange system -

  • Compared with cold blue, as a warm orange, it represents cheeriness, liveliness and warmth. It reminds people of golden autumn.
    A fruitful fruit is a rich, happy and happy color.
    Orange tiles also give people a warm and beautiful feeling.

- Yellow system -

  • The same warm route also has a yellow system
    Yellow is usually regarded as a happy and hopeful color, but it is also a difficult color to deal with.


In addition, the living room is a very important place, which can be described as the face of a family. Then what is the best matching rule for floor tile decoration?



- A simple style of floor tile collocation-

  • This is a very popular combination of floor tiles, fashion simple style is the most common style of home decoration, its characteristics are simple and quick, practical and generous, in the design layout to be simple.
    The tiles with this style should be chosen as simple as possible, and the polished tiles of pure color are very good.


- The collocation of the classical European style floor tiles -

  • In our country, the classical European style family is not much, but some people like the luxury of the classical European style, so in the classical European decoration, we choose the imitation stone tiles with soft color, uniform texture, meticulous and light sense.
    It is suggested that the colors should not be too deep or shallow, preferably yellow or light brown.


- Collocation of pastoral style and floor tiles -

  • The pastoral style is to return to nature, reflecting the vicissitudes of nature and the ancient texture.
    In ceramic tile selection, we can choose wood imitation tiles or imitation antique bricks mainly based on solid wood color, and have the effect of wood grain, which reflects a kind of elegant decoration style.


- Mix style and floor tile collocation -

  • Mashup style generally pursues individuality, so tile matching can be free, if the fruit is biased towards the minimalist style, the coloured system can be selected for tile matching.
    This time can be matched with a slightly exaggerated, complex color of imitation stone tiles, so that the whole space will not be uniform and appear simple and empty.

Many people want their living room tiles to look more suitable for the overall decoration style, whether or not fashion trends, in fact, home decoration and wear the same clothes, the most important is the overall feeling of comfort, you will always use.
Choose the color of floor tiles is to make each decoration owner more headaches, in fact, in fact, after some basic knowledge, you will find that the color of ceramic tiles is not so difficult to choose.

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