The old foreigner is most fond of the naked color decoration

Foreigners love natural decoration, just like their meticulous and neat way of life.
"Naked dress" this kind of home dress minimalist style of temptation, one is to restore the simple nature of space, simple, pure, natural and casual, to create a comfortable living environment, two is that this style of home is hard to be out of date.
How to decorate a simple nude color beauty? If you really lay cement, easy to crack, spalling, damp, in fact, skillfully use tile can also!

Both ancient and modern, both plain and avant-garde, both concise and publicized, these contradictions in one of the characteristics of the cement brick, truly restore the cement face effect antique brick.

As early as the 20s of last century, China began to build buildings with steel and cement. In 80s, the laying of the ground was popular until the polishing type of tile and wooden floor gradually appeared to fade out of the people's sight. However, in recent years, the effect of cement veneer has been returned, and it is a small group of ceramic tiles.

Of course, some people say that when cement brick is finished like a rough room, it is really different from each other. Or you should ask a designer to guide you, so that your bathroom does really work like a public toilet.





Such as warm tone furniture:
As with wood elements:

A little green planting:

When a large area of application is difficult to control, you can also try to use only one background wall to make cement effect.

Such as the TV background wall:

Sofa backdrop:

Table background wall:

Hand washbasin background wall:

The surprise is that in addition to the "naked" cool style, cement bricks are also very good in recent hot Chinese style.。

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